Pop Up Exhibition & Display Stands - Magnetic

3x3 pop up 3x3

Our comprehensive range of tried and tested magnetic pop-up exhibition stands and pop up banners are high quality units which we can tailor them to fit any space, including shell schemes.

These systems are high quality with guaranteed graphics, frames and accessories. Graphics are printed in the UK at high resolution. Our Showstopper series has become a firm favourite over the years because of its high quality, durability and ease of use. As pop up display specialists we have a massive range of pop ups and accessories. So, if you do not immediately see what you want, then let us know and we will help you personally. Custom options include height, width, flat end panels, angles, screens and configurations, 
3x1 pop up curved3x2 pop up curved3x3 pop up curved3x4 pop up curved3x5 pop up curved, 3x6 pop up 
3x1 pop up straight, 3x2 pop up straight, 3x3 pop up straight, 3x4 pop up straight, 3x5 pop up straight, 3x6 pop up
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